Are you affected by psychological dysfunction? Behavior problems? Learning difficulties? Developmental delays? Or social impairment?

Gut-Brain Secrets is THE place to learn about the causes, effects, and solutions to gut-brain problems. Get on track starting now.

  • Mental conditions... are caused by bad bacteria, leaky gut, chronic inflammation, food intolerances, and poor digestion.
  • Food sensitivities... are a result of gut problems, not bad genes or mere misfortune.
  • Chronic, degenerative disease... are caused or made worse by a Corrupted Gut (e.g. heart disease, diabetes)?
  • Autoimmune condition... are due to leaky gut.

Now would you dare believe these conditions are all reversible?

Sadly, the world around us now demands that we all take responsibility for the care and maintenance of our own minds and bodies. We all need to learn how disease and dysfunction happens in a person, and how optimal health is achieved, so we can do something about it.

That's why Gut-Brain Secrets informs and empowers you like never before to take control of your own mental and physical health. Ladies and germs, say hello to your new best friend and ally in bringing immaculate gut-brain health to you and your family.

Welcome to Gut-Brain Secrets.

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Wise Traditions podcast 65 – Sally Fallon Morell

There’s a lot of confusion around what constitutes a healthy fat vs. an unhealthy fat. In today’s episode, Sally Fallon Morell, the head of the Weston A. Price Foundation, makes a solid case for including animal fats in our...

"Gut-Brain Secrets will transform your understanding of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). This is information that every health care practitioner and every parent of an affected child must read! Gray L. Graham, B.A., NTP

Founder and President Nutritional Therapy Association, Nutritional Therapy Association

“I have one word to say: WOW! I am thoroughly impressed with the way you presented such profoundly impactful and highly informative content. I absolutely love your book and am honored to contribute my full support. Thank you for writing such important information. The way you wrote it is simple, easy to understand, and very captivating! I felt in many ways like you were articulating my very thoughts on paper, while also exposing me to concepts I had not yet discovered. I could truly feel the essence of what you were trying to share.” Brittany Auerbach, ND

certified Naturopath, health coach, and star of YouTube channel MontrealHealthyGirl, Montreal Healthy Girl

"Gut-Brain Secrets gives you a thorough understanding of the gut-brain connection -- linking attention deficit disorder, and other neurological conditions, to gut dysbiosis brought about by toxic food consumption.  The many ideas and suggestions presented in the series help you recover and maintain your good health for a lifetime.  If you care about your health, your longevity, and the ecology, you simply must read Gut-Brain Secrets. Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D

Senior Research Scientist at MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“You may have heard that bad bacteria and poor digestion are causing behavior and learning difficulties in people – especially our children. Gut-Brain Secrets gives you an excellent explanation of exactly how that happens, so you can untangle the mess that ADD creates in your family, and in those around you. It’s an important contribution to solving the puzzle of ADD and similar disorders.” Sally Fallon Morell

President, Weston A. Price Foundation, Weston A. Price Foundation

Gut-Brain Secrets does an excellent job of explaining why and how toxins, destruction of gut bacteria, mineral deficiencies, and their many effects matter to you. Now I have a better understand how things like glyphosate and mercury lead to behavior and learning disorders in our children. I highly recommend you read it.” Zen Honeycutt

Founder & Executive Director Mom's Across America, Mom's Across America

"The clearest, no-nonsense book (The Gut-Brain Book) on the connection between our environment, nutrition, gut health, and psychological function...  Each chapter stands alone to offer the critical information that is disguised and manipulated by the food and drug industries." Lauren Geertsen, NTP

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), health coach, Principal, Empowered Sustenance, Empowered Sustenance