(Last Updated On: May 6, 2018)

Diet changes our genes, which changes our physical features, biochemistry, and brain function

Gray Graham’s book (with Deborah Kesten MPH, and Larry Scherwitz, Ph.D) Pottenger’s Prophecy is an excellent examination of how things in our environment change the way our genetic code turns into physical and psychological characteristics.

Especially interesting is the summary of Dr. Pottenger’s work with cats.  The authors explain that diet — particular cooked vs. raw meat and milk — destroyed the cats health, or it can heal that damage.  Meaning, adulterated food changes behavior, bone structure, biochemistry, fertility, and much more.

Pottenger’s Prophecy goes on to explain that no one single native, ancestral diet is inherently healthy or harmful to our diet.  Rather, the body, through epigenetics, adapts to the diet a people eat over the course of many hundreds to thousands of years.  So whether your tribe is eating high fat animal foods, or lots of fruit, or milk from animals, or vegetables, or even carbohydrates — your group will eventually adapt to that food and live quite well eating that food.

However, industrial, man-made foods (GMO’s, trans-fats, herbicides, pesticides, preservatives) are simply incompatible with our physiology (and psychology).  Our bodies must treat these foreign materials as toxic substances it has to fight hard to get rid of.  Moreover, injury to our epigenetic expression wipes out our body’s coping mechanisms, facilitates disease processes, and rewrites our genetic expression, which then gets passed to future generations.

Simply put, the new science of epigenetics explains how changes to our biology and biochemistry is causing explosive growth in every disease and dysfunction we know by name.  And Pottenger’s Prophecy helps you understand the causes, effects, and some solutions to epigenetic modification that effect us all, whether you know it or not.

You simply must understand the concepts of epigenetics if you want to get healthy, and stay healthy, in our toxic and nutrient-depleted world, because it’s affecting you, your family, and those around you right now.  Check out Pottenger’s Prophecy on Amazon.com here.