(Last Updated On: May 6, 2018)

Image Source:  RawFedCats.org.

Want to own a cat or dog, but can’t stand the pet allergy?

No problem, just get a pet that’s been fed a raw meat diet (the more generations, the better) and it won’t produce allergic reactions in people.  This is an extension of Dr. Francis Pottenger’s research into the ways that diet affects the biology of cats.

More recently, David Getoff, ND reports even his extremely sensitive clients can hold and pet his third-generation raw-fed cats without producing any sort of allergic reaction.  Otherwise, they are so hypersensitive to other cats, they can’t even walk into a room without reacting — even when the cat had left the room hours ago.

Why is this?  Eating cooked food, such as conventional cat food, depletes the more subtle nutrient factors in food that conventional science and industry is not good at measuring and providing — including enzymes, phytonutrients, and co-factors.  Cooking basically destroys digestive enzymes, degrades some vitamins and trace mineral stores (like monoatomics), and it changes the chemical structure of proteins, making them harder to bread down, utilize, and eliminate.

This significantly alters food’s nutritional profile, and the net benefit/effect on all those that consume it.  The result being, cat food made with cooked ingredients can’t be digested and processed properly, which throws a cat’s biochemistry out of balance — particularly the excretion of those inappropriately broken-down proteins in its dander.

To show you the effect that cooking has on its nutritional value, Dr. Pottenger fed his cats cooked milk to see what happened

Over the course of several generations, the cats became more and more aggressive, they got sick more easily, they lost their ability to right themselves when falling, they developed skeletal deformities, and they gradually lost their fertility until they could not reproduce at all.

To back that up, in the cattle industry, it’s common knowledge that when you feed a calf pasteurized milk it just dies.  Pasteurization kills so much of milk’s ability to nourish and protect, that calves can’t survive to adulthood.

If you can’t get rid of the allergic reaction in you, you can eliminate the environmental stressor (the allergen-producing pet)

So if you like cats and dogs, but suffer from unbearable pet allergies, then consider getting a cat or dog that’s been fed an all-raw, mostly meat, diet that Nature intended them to eat.  Multi-generation native-diet eaters have the healthiest systems, and thus don’t produce allergic reactions in people.

For more information about raising cats (and dogs by extrapolation) on their native diet of mostly uncooked meat, visit RawFedCats.org.