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That’s right.  You heard me.  A high potency probiotic supplement I’ve used before, applied on the head and taken internally, can help you fix hair loss.  I’ve seen it help grow thicker, denser hair, and turn grey hair back to its original color.

Results vary from person to person.  And the product will probably benefit from further development.  But I believe it will have some noticeable effect, however small, on all men and women that have at least some tiny hairs still growing in an area.  That is, you can expect it to work anywhere follicles are “downsized” or resting (catagen) and not dead (completely shiny bald).  It works at the front of the head and the crown.  And I believe it can be made to work even better.


Hair is one of the most sensitive parts of the human body in showing how healthy or dis-eased you are.  That’s because the body treats hair like a non-essential appendage.  And the slightest deficiencies (or improvements) in nutrition, hormones, stress, and toxic build-up show up in the health of your hair.

For instance, you may have noticed your hair growing slightly faster and thicker when it’s hot out.  That’s because a slight increase in circulation feeds oxygen and nutrients to your hair follicles just a tiny bit better, so they grow that much more robustly.

You may have noticed your hair looks and feels healthier when you eat healthier and/or take quality vitamin and mineral supplements.  Conversely, you may have heard stress or pregnancy can wreak havoc on hair quality.

Cause of Hair Loss

About half a dozen factors create hair thinning and hair loss such as genetics, hormones, nutrition, circulation, toxic threats to scalp and follicles, and mechanical threats to follicles.

And each of these categories has common situations that add to the overall picture, from DHT accumulation which shrinks hair follicles, to hormonal imbalances caused by stress and environmental toxins, to poor diet and digestion, to medications that effect body chemistry, to build up around the follicles caused by chemicals in hair care products.

No one is immune to all of them.  So an improvement in one area can compensate for a deficiency in another – but only to a degree.  For example, targeted supplementation with biotin and vitamins has been shown to improve hair growth in some.  But a major threat like chemotherapy is extremely difficult to overcome by improving another area.

How one probiotic formula helps hair grow better

The developer suspects this probiotic formula, applied to the head and taken as a supplement, does its best work by improving the health of the scalp’s microbiome.  Just like in the intestinal tract, microbes inhabiting the scalp (are supposed to) nourish hair follicle cells; reduce inflammation; and remove chemicals, pathogens, and toxins that inhibit hair growth:

  • Like fertilizer for the follicles. Probiotics help you break down food into a bioavailable form, including vitamin A,  vitamin K, vitamins B1-B3, B5-B7, B9, B12, essential fatty acids, copper, magnesium, iron, manganese, potassium, zinc, proteins, carbohydrates, and cholesterol.
  • Reduces inflammation. Researchers believe inflammation to be the primary mechanism of action that dramatically enhanced hair regrowth in old-aged mice.  Probiotics are known anti-inflammatories.
  • Helps remove build-up around the follicles (e.g. chemicals from hair care products). Hair care products have lots of chemicals that break down oils and cause build up in the process.
  • Detoxes the area of pathogenic substances (e.g. fungi).

However, when the scalp’s microbiome is in an unhealthful state, hair follicle cells are weakened by malnourishment, inflammation, toxicity, pathogens, and chemical build-up.  Then you’re more prone to hair loss.

Peer-reviewed scientific research supports the use of probiotics to regrow hair

A highly provocative study conducted in association with MIT, and funded by the NIH, was published in early 2013 (“Probiotic Bacteria Induce a ‘Glow of Health’”, Levkovich et al.).

Researchers fed old mice regular yogurt by-mouth (they also fed pure probiotics and got the same results).  What they found was probiotics measurably increased skin thickness, hair shininess (in the females), and doubled the number of hairs shifting from resting and intermediary phase (telogen and catagen) and going into active growth phase (anagen).

In other words, probiotics doubled hair density.  And they determined that reducing inflammation was a key factor.  Conclusion:  Probiotics dramatically increased hair health in mice.

Please note:  They used only one type of bacteria in the study (Lactobacillus reuteri), instead of fifteen plus that a maximum strength probiotic contains.  The yogurt they used was straight off the supermarket shelf and less potent.  And they only fed it internally; whereas, applying it topically supports the scalp directly.

How did the inventor discover probiotics can help hair grow?

Among dozens of uses for his probiotic formulas, the inventor was rubbing his product on the fur of dogs and cats in vet clinics that had scratched and chewed their infected/irritated skin bare.  It worked great at fixing skin conditions and growing hair back (try it on your pet’s skin and fur problems).

Then he tried brushing his teeth with it.  And to his amazement, this got his receding gums to come back.  This dumbfounded the dentists in the office who saw his x-rays, because they’d never seen anything like it.  To this day, they still consider it impossible.

So one day, he and his buddies were joking around and one of them said, “Next thing you know, you’re going to be putting it on your head (he had a bald spot).”  This got his wheels turning.  He indeed tried it.  And after a few months, his bald spot was gone.  It also returned much of the color to his once greying hair.

After the first 18 months or so of rapid gains in hair density and quality, he continues to see slow improvements after 3 years of use.  The product?  Inner Garden from Go Beyond Organic.

Please note, Inner Garden is not approved by the US FDA for treating hair loss.  Rather, it improves the health of the scalp’s microbiome — from the outside-in AND the inside-out — thereby correcting the conditions that harm hair follicles.

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Go Beyond Organic brand - Inner Garden probiotic

Go Beyond Organic brand – Inner Garden probiotic