(Last Updated On: February 6, 2018)

“My chief contention here is that what we have in our vaccine program … we are sequentially vaccinating these children with powerful immune adjuvants in a manner which if you repeated in animals – and this has been done many times – produces activation of the brain’s microglia, and initiates chronic neuro-degeneration.

The degree of that neuro-degeneration depends on a lot of factors – your anti-oxidants, your genetics, your glutathione levels.  All these things make a difference.  Some are going to be impacted more than others.  All are going to suffer damage.

And I contend with this vaccine schedule that we use in the United States, we are damaging virtually everyone’s brain.  It’s the degree to which we’re damaging [that’s important to understand].  So if you just lowered I.Q. ten points they might not be quite as bright, but if you test them you’re not going to find a big difference.

We’re going to look at their attention … their ability to pay attention.  We know it’s going to be impaired – severe in some, very mildly in others.  You do the usual tests they do, you’re not going to pick it up.  But mom will notice it.  The teacher will notice it.  And the child will not be able to compete in the school as well as they should be.

So it’s a dumbing down process.  We won’t have as many high I.Q. children as we had in previous generations because of this process…  When we looked at the studies of Vargas and the autistic brain, the microglia were activated for four decades.

— Dr. Russell Blaylock